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There are no books in Miami!
Nathaniel Sandler · Bookleggers Library


There are not enough bookstores or places for literary community to gather in Miami. As local bookstores close down with publishing models changing across the industry worldwide, readers are starved for access to books and a community around them. It’s not just the books, which can obviously be ordered online for previously unheard levels of cheap, it’s also the friends and interactions that come with being around other readers face to face that Miami needs. Our city is only as strong as the smart and literary community within it.


Start a mobile library! Since the big box bookstore is increasingly unsustainable, and the independents struggling to survive, room for new models for the dissemination of reading materials is growing. So I started Bookleggers nearly two years ago, and once a month I give away a free book to everyone who shows to a weird place in Miami. I started it for the love of books, but more importantly for the reading community. The book is theirs for as long as they want. Other books are available for trade or a small donation. One person’s finished paperback book is another’s reading treasure!

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