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The Little Things
Ryder Ripps · OKFocus


Current ATM Lobby Access

Here is an example of a small design problem that can be easily fixed. Devices like the one depicted in the above image are used for entry to ATM Lobbies.. why you need to swipe a card to access an ATM lobby is beyond me.. do they think homeless people cant simply just go in after someone.. or obtain a gift card or something? Regardless.. I am always putting my card into these things in like 4 different ways before I see the green LED light indicating that I'm worthy of entering an ATM Lobby..


Proposed ATM access thing design

This is an extremely easy design problem to fix.. just add an arrow indicating where the stripe should go! The problem is that actually getting this done is probably a giant bureaucratic mess and the last thing that big banks are thinking about.. a shame because this type of base level user experience subconsciously permeates through our opinion of a brand.

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