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I ride a green bicycle with polka dots all over Miami & Miami-Dade County to do mystery shopping, and much too often I encounter intersections without no curb cuts for disabled persons confined to a wheelchair.

The dangers such persons must face when they come to such a location are very serious, because they must go into the street, sometimes facing oncoming traffic to cross an intersection (which is the case at several locations along Coral Way in Miami, for example). Or,they must turn around and go long distances to find a place they can cross the street or avenue.

I regularly send emails to City and County Risk Management offices, but nothing ever gets done. I guess the City and Miami-Dade County just don't give a damn about disabled persons confined to a wheelchair.

It also other bothers me when companies such as Brinks and Dunbar park their trucks and completely block a crosswalk preventing persons in wheelchairs from crossing the street. They do this with impunity and drivers refuse to move when I complain.


I don't know the solution. All I can do is continue to send emails to City and County Risk Management officials and hope they will take action. I'm still waiting for that to happen with respect to all the emails I've sent.

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