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Miami suffers from a lack of civility
Diana Abu-Jaber · Author


Lack of Civility

It's a big-city problem: Our inhabitants are too often abrupt, curt, downright rude. The drivers are aggressive or thoughtless; receptionists, waitstaff, clerical workers, staff, and workers all over town are impatient and dismissive. Shoppers are pushy and obnoxious. Even the children emulate their parents' me-first attitude.



Take a moment to look around and be grateful--we live in paradise! Smile. Let someone else go first. Wait your turn, you'll get there. Admit your short-comings. Apologize. Don't shout, don't shove. If someone else is rude or makes a mistake, take a deep breath. Let it go. Be gentle. Above all, set a good example for your children: What sort of world do you want them to live in? Show them how it's done.

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