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dangerous corner 24th and Collins Ave, Miami Beach
Gabriel Delponte · visual artist and designer


needed: protection for pedestrians

I live in the Flamingo neighborhood of Miami Beach, not far from the corner of 24th St and Collins Ave. The problem with this corner is that the road curves, there is poor visibility for drivers in terms of ability to see the road curving as well as the pedestrians, and the cars coming from the south tend to drive at high speed. Almost every day I walk by and see people crossing or waiting to cross Collins while cars drive by too quickly and are at risk of jumping the curb. It's especially bad after 6 pm when many students cross at this corner. There is no protection for pedestrians here. On the weekend it is extremely dangerous and often drivers run the red light here.

In these images you can see traffic moving both north and south and a car almost hitting the curb. Below is an elderly person waiting to cross. This same situation occurs one block north, at 25th and Collins Ave.


This is a state road. I don't know if the state will fix it. But if the state doesn't address it, the city should take care of this corner. They are a couple ways of doing this. One is providing protection for people crossing and waiting in this place as I show in this simple image. A second approach is improving the design of this street for the cars with the use of an island. This is an extremely busy corner, both for pedestrians and cars. Half a block from this location is a large construction area where the Banana Bungalow was, there's a hotel, and the entry to a large building right at this corner. There is also a language school very close and a residential neighborhood across from the canal with older buildings. When I cross the street, which I do almost every day, I seek protection behind the light pole while I wait for the light to change.

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