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A change of attitude, more years to your life
Maria Ayub


We need for South Floridians, and especially people in Miami, to acknowledge that having cars as status symbols of "having arrived and I am OK", don't accomplish much, they are just delusional afflictions.


We need to get real about using public transportation as the most effective way to get from one place to the other, and we need an efficient system now, something that works! If there is no support for this, we, the people in South Florida, will never be truly urban societies. Public transportation in cities is the most democratic way to connect to the people and places that make our complex society.

We need heavy duty efforts, and it is time for a change in attitude so that something is done in public transportation and we move out of "I just need a car" to "I need to be there without having three fits of road rage in a day". I-95 has become the death trap of many--accidents, burning cars, and new arrivals just trying to get to someplace with no a/c or windshield wipers working (btw, they are definitely moving targets aiming at your car)... So let's get real and let's get moving. Your car is not your mechanical appendage, we are glued to our cars out of necessity, not addiction. There are other options if you demand for a cleaner, faster way of getting there in time and with no horror.

We need to start a public transportation propaganda and the Wolfsonian is the catalyst of change.

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