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Power of Design 2014: Complaints

The Wolfsonian's inaugural ideas festival, Power of Design 2014: Complaints, took place March 20–23, 2014. The festival brought together thought leaders and change-makers for a multidisciplinary event with nearly twenty offerings at the museum and elsewhere—provocative discussions, presentations, performances, exhibitions, and more. The focus was not merely complaints, but constructive responses; complaints as impetus for positive action, innovation, and solutions. Although the 2014 festival is over, its spirit lives on. We hope you'll explore the website and blog. You'll find a robust selection of materials, from interviews with presenters to our poster exhibition to videos of selected events (coming soon). And don't miss the online complaints tool (directly below). We'll be announcing the theme of Power of Design 2015 before you know it, so stay tuned...

Alton Rd/5 St Flyover
Sophia Sieczkowski


The MacArthur Causeway flyover at Alton Road/5th Street is a major gateway to Miami Beach seen by millions of people as they enter and exit the City. However, as the picture below shows, it is an eyesore; the upper structure is an inconsistent color, the under arches are stained and dirty, the guard rail is stained and the vegetation in the median is struggling to survive.

March 2015 Miami Beach will celebrate its Centennial. The City has big plans for this event to attract even more visitors but is this what we want people to see on their initial entry and final exit? I don't think so ....


At a minimum the structure should be a uniform color.

I understand that FDOT is planning on covering the upper structure in one color which is still to be determined.

The under arches should be cleaned and maintained throughout the year. I am not clear whether FDOT or City of Miami Beach is responsible for this.

Additionally the guard rail should be cleaned of paint stains and other matter. And the vegetation in the median needs proper care and additional suitable plantings.

Of course there may be other solutions, but a simple cleanup is the least I would expect of the City as it prepares for its 100th birthday!

On March 18 Mayor Levine responded to one of my emails by saying: "I am in favor of beautifying the Flyover and am more than happy to lend a helping hand to make this happen."

Many killer cars
Susan Galler


Every day when I try to cross Brickell Avenue, cars ignore the people "can walk" sign and try to run me over.

If Miami is to become a walkable city, the rights of pedestrians need to be respected!!


When walk light comes on, have it also say loudly PEDESTRIANS have RIGHT OF WAY!!!!! Let them cross.

Where are the Water Taxies?


We need low cost ferries to the beach that stop at the new museums (and people mover/metrorail) and the Grove and maybe up the river also to Lauderdale and two a day to Key West.


Tourist tax / monthly admissions / lots of ways to make fiscally feasible.

selling and panhandling at intersections extremely dangerous


Selling goods and panhandling at intersections has been extremely dangerous for everyone in Dade County. Individuals are standing in the middle of the streets, in front of cars, and in some cases have attacked drivers. I have begun to experience a wave of senior citizens now at the intersections too. This has become a hazard and is dangerous for the sellers, and panhandlers and the drivers. It should be illegal in dade county. I have begun to avoid major intersections due to this dangerous situation. This should be addressed immediately.


Make panhandling, marketing, selling, and loitering in the intersections illegal.

A change of attitude, more years to your life
Maria Ayub


We need for South Floridians, and especially people in Miami, to acknowledge that having cars as status symbols of "having arrived and I am OK", don't accomplish much, they are just delusional afflictions.


We need to get real about using public transportation as the most effective way to get from one place to the other, and we need an efficient system now, something that works! If there is no support for this, we, the people in South Florida, will never be truly urban societies. Public transportation in cities is the most democratic way to connect to the people and places that make our complex society.

We need heavy duty efforts, and it is time for a change in attitude so that something is done in public transportation and we move out of "I just need a car" to "I need to be there without having three fits of road rage in a day". I-95 has become the death trap of many--accidents, burning cars, and new arrivals just trying to get to someplace with no a/c or windshield wipers working (btw, they are definitely moving targets aiming at your car)... So let's get real and let's get moving. Your car is not your mechanical appendage, we are glued to our cars out of necessity, not addiction. There are other options if you demand for a cleaner, faster way of getting there in time and with no horror.

We need to start a public transportation propaganda and the Wolfsonian is the catalyst of change.



I ride a green bicycle with polka dots all over Miami & Miami-Dade County to do mystery shopping, and much too often I encounter intersections without no curb cuts for disabled persons confined to a wheelchair.

The dangers such persons must face when they come to such a location are very serious, because they must go into the street, sometimes facing oncoming traffic to cross an intersection (which is the case at several locations along Coral Way in Miami, for example). Or,they must turn around and go long distances to find a place they can cross the street or avenue.

I regularly send emails to City and County Risk Management offices, but nothing ever gets done. I guess the City and Miami-Dade County just don't give a damn about disabled persons confined to a wheelchair.

It also other bothers me when companies such as Brinks and Dunbar park their trucks and completely block a crosswalk preventing persons in wheelchairs from crossing the street. They do this with impunity and drivers refuse to move when I complain.


I don't know the solution. All I can do is continue to send emails to City and County Risk Management officials and hope they will take action. I'm still waiting for that to happen with respect to all the emails I've sent.

WHY is there no train connection from the mainland to Miami Beach?
Chris Adamo · 1800


WHY is there no train connection from the mainland to Miami Beach?

IS it that hard to get the individual city governments to agree to work together on this solution to many issues? Traffic, Parking, Increased local business, The spread of culture, Reduction of car accidents. The positives are almost limitless. Cities like New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC understand this, why can't we?

This should be issue # 1 to solve in our growing city.


Develop a partnership between both Miami and Miami beach to share in the revenues and funding behind this project or let a public/private partnership evolve to develop the extended train route. If we can build a Baseball stadium with public funds, a train connection between our major areas of living cannot be that far behind.

The people of Miami deserve this and with a little push, that can happen.

Move Over Stupid
michael osborne · Michael Osborne


Slow drivers camping out in the fast lane!


Put a greater emphasis on how to utilize the fast lane on the driver's test and in driver's training, i.e. teach that when another car is right behind you and appears to want to pass, with your blinker on carefully move over into the lane to your right; put signage on the freeway, something like, "Slower drivers stay in right lanes," or, "All slow pokes keep the hell out of the fast lane," etc.

Why does compressing a video have to be so ...?
Jade Katzenellenbogen


When you are trying to compress a video efficiently, why do these compression programs have to be so wordy and confusing?


Take out all of the junk and replace it with words we are used to seeing everyday. Cool!

Stop Making More Lanes!
Alfredo Useche · Graphic Designer


Stop Making More Lanes!


Instead of encouraging more cars on the road, why don't we spend time on expanding the metro line to the big western portion of Miami that hasn't been serviced at all by anything but hour-long buses. This the main congestion area for people commuting north, south and east in peak hours, a lot of people would appreciate this.

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